We are excited to announce that Lagasse, LLC is becoming part of Essendant Co.  While you will begin to see the Essendant brand name starting in June, the effective date of the legal entity change will be on June 29, 2015.  This change in our brand is a huge milestone. It represents more than just a name change.  It represents the continued evolution of our strategic direction.  We are bringing you a bigger solution, enabled by one common operating and IT platform.  That means more products and more capabilities – all designed to make it easier to do business with us. These changes strengthen our position as the fastest and most convenient solution for workplace essentials.

Below are some key guidelines for ensuring a smooth transition of our brand change.

- On June 1, 2015, Lagasse's parent company, United Stationers Supply Co., will change its name to Essendant Co. On June 29, 2015, Lagasse will merge into Essendant Co. As a result of the merger, Essendant Co.'s taxpayer identification number (36-2431718) will apply to your transactions with us starting June 29.  In case you require it, a W-9 reflecting the tax identification number and our new name is enclosed.

- As a result of the merger, Essendant Co. will assume all of Lagasse's rights and obligations under any contracts you previously entered into with Lagasse. Accordingly, those contracts will be legally binding on Essendant Co. and will not need to be changed. If you would like credit references for Essendant Co., please send a request to creditreference@essendant.com.
As soon as practicable after the June 29 merger date, please invoice Essendant Co. rather than Lagasse, LLC, and please pay supplier allowance as follows:

ACH or Wire

Bank: Northern Trust
ABA 071000152
Account Name: Essendant Co.
Account Number: 30490298


Essendant Co.
75 Remittance Drive
Suite #5358
Chicago, IL 60675-5358
- Payments made to you after June 29 will be made by Essendant Co.  Please note that since United Stationers Supply Co. will have only changed its name to Essendant Co. a few weeks before June 29, payments made to you by check may continue to reflect the United Stationers Supply Co. name and logo until we have completed our transition.

- We will issue new resale certificates in the name of Essendant Co. to all Lagasse merchandise suppliers by July 30.   If you do not receive your updated resale certificate by July 30, please contact our Tax Department at TaxDepartment@essendant.com and a copy will be provided.

- A copy of the legal document that will cause the change of United Stationers Supply Co.'s name to "Essendant Co." on June 1 is available on https://solutionscentral.essendant.com. A copy of the legal document that will cause the merger of Lagasse into Essendant Co. on June 29 will be available on https://solutionscentral.essendant.com by June 5. If you need login credentials to access the solutionscentral site, please send a request to technicalsupport@essendant.com.

- While June 29 marks the official change to our legal entity, you will continue to see us migrate various branded touch points from early June through the remainder of the year.  You will continue to see the brands/logos of Lagasse and United Stationers Supply Co. on things such as purchase orders, wire or ACH payments, checks, system pages, etc.  Many of these brand placements will not change until early fall. 

Please ensure that the individuals within your organization who need this information are made aware of these changes.  We will also continue to communicate to you throughout our change so that we can ensure a seamless and easy transition.

If you have questions, please feel free to contact your merchant representative or email us at discover@essendant.com.  Thank you for your business and I look forward to our ‘journey to Essendant’ with you.

Thank you,
Joe Hartsig
SVP and Chief Merchandising Officer
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